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This began, more or less, as a dump of my SSRN Briefcase.  It will be supplemented and added to with additional resources.  Further, the most-proper citations and locations of each paper will be sought and updated.  If you have recommendations for articles or books to add to this list, please contact John.

This is a continuing project, please forgive its perpetually unfinished state.

Cyberspace & Virtual Worlds

Shubha Ghosh, Gray Markets in Cyberspace, Working Paper Series,  available at

Greg Lastowka & Dan Hunter, Virtual Crime, New York Law School Law Review (forthcoming), available at

Michael Meehan, Virtual Property: Protecting Bits in Context, Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (2006), available at

Charles Blazer, The Five Indicia of Virtual Property, 5 Pierce Law Review 137 (2006), available at

Steven J. Horowitz, Competing Lockean Claims to Virtual Property, 20 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (2007), available at

Juliet M. Moringiello, Towards a System of Estates in Virtual Property, Widener Law School Legal Studies Research Paper No. 08-22; CYBERLAW SECURITY & PRIVACY, Sylvia Mercado Kierkegaard, ed., International Association of IT Lawyers, 2007; International Journal of Private Law, Vol. 3. Available at SSRN:

Ben. K. Pollitzer, Serious Business: When Virtual Items Gain Real World Value, (December 1, 2007), available at

Ryan G. Vacca, Viewing Virtual Property Ownership Through the Lens of Innovation, 76 Tenn. L. Rev. 33 (2008), available at

Kristina B. Denapolis West, Real Concerns in Virtual Property, (July 1, 2005), available at

Juliet M. Moringiello, What Virtual Worlds Can do for Property Law, Florida Law Review (Forthcoming 2009), available at

John William Nelson, The Virtual Property Problem: What Property Rights in Virtual Resources Might Look Like, How They Might Work, and Why They are a Bad Idea, 41 McGeorge Law Review (Forthcoming 2010), available at

John William Nelson, Fiber Optic Foxes: Virtual objects and virtual worlds through the lens of Pierson v. Post and the Law of Capture, 14 J. Tech. L. & Pol’y 5 (2009), available at

Property Theory

Lucian A. Bebchuck, Property Rights and Liability Rules: The Ex Ante View of the Cathedral, 100 Michigan Law Review 601 (2001), available at

Michael W. Carroll, Whose Music is it Anyway? How we Came to View Musical Expression as a Form of Property, 72 University of Cincinnati Law Review 1405 (2004), available at

Dean Lueck & Thomas J. Miceli, Property Rights and Property Law, HANDBOOK OF LAW AND ECONOMICS, Polinsky & Shavell, eds., (Forthcoming), available at

Jerald Highes, Karl Reiner Lang, Eric K. Clemons & Robert J. Kauffman, A Unified Interdisciplinary Theory of Open Source Culture and Entertainment, (July 20, 2007), available at

Horace Anderson, ‘Criminal Minded?’ Mixtape DJs, the Piracy Paradox, and Lessons for the Recording Industry, 76 Tennessee Law Review (2008), available at

Josh Blackman, Outfoxed Pierson v. Post and the Natural Law, (May 13, 2009), available at

Technology & Privacy

Christine A. Coletta, Laptop Searches at the United States Borders and the Border Search Exception to the Fourth Amendment, Boston College Law Review (Forthcoming), available at

Nathan Alexander Sales, Run for the Border: Laptop Searches and the Fourth Amendment, 43 University of Richmond Law Review 1091 (2009), available at

Sara M. Smyth, Searches of Computers and Computer Data at the United States Border: The Need for a New Framework Following United States v. Arnold, 1 Journal of Law, Technology and Policy (February 18, 2009), available at

John William Nelson, Border Confidential: Why Searches of Laptop Computers at the Border Should Require Reasonable Suspicion, 31 American Journal of Trial Advocacy 137 (2007), available at

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