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The Death of Middlemen, the Death of Lawyers

Middlemen are dying left and right.  Technology is making them obsolete, redundant. One way technology does this is by breaking down communication and travel barriers.  It is easier to communicate with someone across the world.  It easier to transport large volumes of goods across the world. Another way technology does this is by automation.  On […]

Capturing the value of information — How Newscorp and AP can profit from the news, and how they can’t

Information is valuable.  Governments know this.  Companies know this.  Consumer rights know this.  The Associated Press and NewsCorp know this. Those last two run an entire business on the gathering and dissemination of information.  Both want us all to stop stealing their product. The Associated Press announced details on how they are going to be […]

The Myth of Electronic Identity

Conventional thought is that transactions occurring over a distance create problems that are new and unique to those posed by face-to-face transactions. The reality is that both of these transactions face the same problem: verifying the identities of the parties involved. Many may take issue with this simplification of the ‘identity problem.’  ‘Of course,’ you’ll […]

Briefly why the rule of law does exist in virtual worlds already, and why it is doctrinally dangerous to think otherwise

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Carving virtual worlds out of the general jurisdiction of law is a mistake. Laws govern what occurs in virtual worlds to the extent that those actions fall under a law’s regulation. Just as a contract may be formed over the phone, so to can it be formed in a virtual worlds.

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Similarly, actions constituting Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress can occur in a virtual world just as they might in the real world.

How Technology Changes Everything, Yet Changes Nothing

Technology makes travel faster.  Farther.  Safer, and more dangerous. Technology brings us closer.  It allows more communication.  It places us farther away.  It makes communication more difficult. Technology brings revolution.  Writing.  The printing press.  The internet.  Epochs of man measured by technology. Technology changes everything. Yet, nothing changes. Man still communicates with man.  There is […]